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What a successful brand strategy will deliver

A brand is so much more than just a name on a wall. It defines who and what a company stands for and should be at the heart of everything they do.

We help companies define their brand vision, before ensuring it is reflected across the entire customer and employee experience (did we mention we are also a leading employee experience partner and customer experience agency?)

When the brand vision is executed properly, this results in:

  • Happier and more engaged employees proud of the brand they show up for every day (and therefore lower staff turnover)
  • Happier and more engaged customers proud to recommend you to anyone that will listen
  • The ability to attract top talent
  • A healthier bottom line

Work with a leading brand strategy agency

Voted one of the FT’s leading management consultancies, we follow a rigorous process steeped in insight.

Step one: Explore

As a team of consumer market research specialists, we are entirely insight-driven. We dig deep into the perceptions, opinions and behaviours of your customers and employees. We’ll look at your data, conduct social listening, talk to your directors, stakeholders, front line teams, customers, lapsed customers, prospects, external experts and competitors (and that’s just the start). This gives us a thorough understanding of where your brand sits in the market and what the challenges are moving forward.

Step two: Vision

Armed with this insight, we start developing your brand vision – what your brand will become famous for. We run collaborative and interactive visioning workshops with you to do this and then we test that vision both internally and externally, ensuring it will be a driver of success. We’ll develop objectives and high level strategies for delivering your brand as well as creating a distinct set of brand values and a brand personality to help your team live and breathe your brand in everything they do.

Step three: Align

Armed with your new brand vision, we’ll bring it to life, ensuring it is reflected across every element of your customer experience, before shaping your employee value proposition. We’ll look at and address the key issues impacting the customer and employee experience, before developing a list of brand basics (a checklist of everything you must deliver at every stage of the customer journey). Then we’ll use a variety of design thinking techniques to develop some ideas to really WOW your customers.

Step four: Measure

There is no point in investing in a new brand vision and aligning it with your customer and employee experience if you don’t measure its effectiveness. Our industry-first Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) measures how well your brand is resonating with your customers, it monitors your brand health over time and keeps track of how well your brand is performing so that you can continually improve and optimise.

What sets us apart?

We are insight driven

Every decision we make and every recommendation we offer is based on what the data tells us.

We are collaborative

Developing a brand vision should be a collaborative process and we’ll involve you every step of the way.

We have an unrivalled skills base

Founded in 2000, we are team of highly experienced brand, research, innovation and change experts with a track record of delivering success

We have happy clients

We are proud to have helped create irresistible customer experiences for some of the UK’s most iconic brands including Alton Towers and LEGOLAND, as well as global brands such as AstraZeneca, QC Terme and Diageo. Join the list.

“The Brand Vista team were invaluable in helping me, while at ASDA, to build clear, simple Own Label brands and then develop the portfolio over a number of years. I enjoyed working with Emma and the team so much that I introduced them to Daniel Thwaites where once again they have helped to clarify the brand architecture and build an inspiring brand.”

Nikki Dixon, Marketing Director, Daniel Thwaites PLC. Formerly – Head of Own Brand Strategy, ASDA ASDA

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