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What does a brand tracking agency do?

A brand is nothing without its customers, so it is essential you listen to them. Brand tracking continuously measures your brand’s health, analysing how your consumers interact with you, and what they think and feel about your brand. It highlights which brand initiatives work well and which don’t.

But you cannot deliver an effective customer experience without employees that are energised and happy to do so. And so we also track and measure employee engagement and productivity and how well the experience of your team aligns with your brand. (You can read more about this on our customer experience agency and employee experience partner pages.)

Our brand tracking services enable you to:

  • Manage and improve your brand performance
  • See how your brand is performing versus your competitors
  • Understand how your customers are resonating with your brand
  • Delve into employee satisfaction
  • Understand how well your customer and employee experience aligns with your brand
  • Evaluate advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Flag issues before they become a problem and highlight where things are going well
  • Identify issues as they develop, enabling you to take the right action at the right time

Why we’re different

We are a team of highly skilled consumer market research specialists that go beyond traditional brand tracking.

Voted one of the FT’s leading UK management consultancies, we have developed an industry first tracking system, the Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM), which measures three samples – your customers, your colleagues and your competitors’ customers. It tells you whether you’re delivering on your brand promise, where your brand is really coming to life in the customer experience, and which areas need more focus.

Put simply, it’s a brand tracker, customer experience audit and employee engagement survey all in one. And it’s used by the likes of David Lloyd, Merlin Entertainments, Greene King and Leicester University. Why not give it a try? Or have a look at this video to learn more.

“I want to see practical understanding of our brands, practical understanding of the issues we are trying to address and really I think that is the Brand Vista approach… It is a very convivial, inclusive way of working, they get under the skin of our business, our people and the way we feel. There is no bulls#*t, jargon or stupid management theory; it is practical, down to earth and it gets to the core of what we are trying to do, cutting away all the rubbish.”

Nick Varney, former CEO Merlin Entertainments

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