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What does a customer experience agency do?

The customer experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with your brand and it is key to driving long-term customer satisfaction, happiness, loyalty and advocacy. 

A great customer experience aligned to your brand vision results in:

  • A more profitable, satisfied and loyal customer base
  • A better reputation
  • A happier workforce proud to deliver the customer experience
  • A healthier bottom line

Work with a leading customer experience consultancy

As one of the FT’s leading management consultancies, we create irresistible customer experiences that teams are proud to deliver (see our employee experience partner page for more on this). To do this, we follow a rigorous and insight-driven process.

Step one: Explore

As a team of consumer market research specialists, we are driven by insights. During our exploring stage, we’ll immerse ourselves in your business and through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research, we’ll unearth the different perceptions, opinions and behaviours of your customers. This provides us with a thorough understanding of where your brand sits in the market and the effectiveness of your current customer journey.

Step two: Vision

You can’t create an incredible customer experience without a brand vision that sets out who you are, what you stand for and where you are going. If you don’t have a clearly defined and compelling brand vision, we’ll work with you to develop one via our interactive visioning workshops (did we mention we are also a brand strategy agency?). Then we will test that vision and refine it until your customers get you. And remember you.

Step three: Align

Armed with your new (or existing) brand vision, we’ll run alignment workshops with your team to ensure it is reflected across every single element of your customer experience. We’ll look at what the problems are in your existing customer journey and develop solutions for overcoming them before developing a list of brand basics (a checklist of everything your brand must deliver at every stage of the customer journey). Then we’ll team up with our innovation experts to develop some ideas to really WOW your customers (we call these brand amplifiers).

Step four: Measure

There is no point in investing in your customer experience if you don’t measure the effectiveness of it. Our industry first Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) tells you where the brand is really coming to life in the customer experience, which areas need more focus and how likely customers are to recommend and revisit your brand.  Put simply, it keeps track on how well your brand is performing so that you can continually improve and optimise.

What sets us apart

We are insight-driven

Every decision we make and every recommendation we offer is based on what the data tells us.

We are collaborative

Developing your customer experience should be a collaborative process and we’ll involve you every step of the way.

We have an unrivalled skills base

Founded in 2000, we are team of highly experienced brand, research, innovation and change experts with a track record of delivering success.

We have happy clients

We are proud to have helped create irresistible customer experiences for some of the UK’s most iconic brands including Alton Towers and LEGOLAND. Join the list.

‘The successful repositioning of Slug and Lettuce began with some insightful, no nonsense research from Brand Vista which showed us where we were and where we could go. They helped us envision a future for the brand by developing a realistic positioning that is compelling for customers and inspiring for our team and a Customer Experience which delivers it in spades! The whole process was fast, fun and very effective

Nicola Pryce, Marketing Director Slug & Lettuce

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