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What does an employee experience partner do?

When employees are engaged and inspired, they become more customer-orientated and your customers enjoy a better customer experience, which is critical to long term business growth (did you know we are also a leading customer experience agency?). Put simply, EX delivers CX.

A great employee experience results in:

  • A happier, more engaged, energised and productive team
  • A more cohesive team working as one and not in siloes
  • A more compelling, brand aligned customer experience and therefore a happier customer base
  • A healthier bottom line

Work with a leading employee experience partner

As one of the FT’s leading management consultancies, we help companies transform their employee experience so that their team is capable of delivering an outstanding customer experience. To do this, we follow a rigorous and insight-driven process.

Step one: Explore

We are driven by what the insight tells us. During our exploring stage, our team of consumer market research specialists will immerse themselves in your business and gain a thorough understanding of the opinions and behaviours of your people. We’ll talk to all levels of employees across all departments and understand what your biggest barriers are when it comes to delivering both a brand aligned employee experience and a motivating customer experience.

Step two: Vision

It’s hard to motivate your team if they are not invested in your brand vision – who are you, where are you going, what are your values and what do you want to achieve? If you don’t have a clearly defined and compelling brand vision, we’ll work with you to develop one that your employees can be proud to deliver. We do this via our interactive visioning workshops – check out our brand strategy agency page for more information on this.

Step three: Align

Armed with your new (or existing) brand vision, we’ll run alignment workshops with your team to bring your vision to life, designing an employee experience that is critical to delivering it. To do this, we’ll uncover your biggest internal challenges and develop solutions to align the ‘must dos’ of the employee experience to the brand (we call these Brand Basics) and use our innovation expertise to develop real wow moments in the employee experience (we call these Brand Amplifiers) so that your employees are armed with everything they need to deliver an incredible customer experience.

Step four: Measure

There is no point in investing in your employee experience if you don’t measure its effectiveness. Our industry first Brand Alignment Monitor™ (BAM) acts as a brand tracker, customer experience audit and an employee engagement survey all in one, keeping track of your employee happiness so that you can continually improve and optimise.

What sets us apart

We are insight-driven

Every decision we make and every recommendation we offer is based on what the data tells us.

We are collaborative

Developing your employee experience should be a collaborative process and we’ll involve you every step of the way.

We have an unrivalled skills base

Founded in 2000, we are team of highly experienced brand, research, innovation and change experts with a track record of delivering success

We have happy clients

We are proud to have helped develop first class employee experiences for some of the UK’s most iconic brands including Alton Towers, The Jockey Club and QHotels. Join the list.

”Brand Vista’s people transformation has been central to more than doubling our EBITDA and us being listed in The Times newspaper as the 10th best big company in the UK to work for. They have done all this by being honest but fair, persistent and really caring about our business. It’s also been fun and they have made friends at every level, across every discipline.”

Glenn Earlam, CEO David Lloyd

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