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Camden Brewery Tour: Tanks of Brand Personality

Lois - 29 th November 2021

Even if you don’t know about Camden Town Brewery, you’ve probably seen their logo out and about, but tucked away at the back of Camden, there’s a huge brewery operation that started within the railway arches. Over the summer, they opened an additional beer hall that accompanies the brewery. 


As you walk through the gates to the brewery, the first thing you’re met with is the Camden Town Brewery logo on the walls, and it doesn’t end there. Walking through the outdoor seating area there is a great atmosphere and buzz with branded deck chairs, benches and umbrellas dotted around.

Tour Experience

We were greeted at the door, shown to a table in the beer hall with others that would be taking part in the brewery tour and given a half pint of Camden Hells to get us started! 


The tour started with the brand, how it all started and how it’s grown. Then as with all good brewery tours, we got to taste the goods! We had six of the most popular beers to taste and discuss, which was informative and well delivered for any level of beer knowledge. The staff were really knowledgeable and passionate about the ingredients and where they came from. With the beers we were given little cards which had a description, tasting notes and ingredients of each beer – we could take these home with us, which was a nice touch. These little cards almost made the tasting a game! You could tell they really wanted you to learn and try new things.

I then had to put a pair of overalls on before going in to the brewery because I had a dress on!!

The tour around the brewery was lively and insightful and the team member delivering the tour was super friendly and most importantly, really passionate about the beer. We even had some tasters straight from the tank – as fresh as it could get! The brand had been infused throughout to make the tour really straight forward and easy for anyone to follow. There was consumer friendly safety signs throughout the brewery, they were written in a jokey way with a lot of brand personality behind them, caring about your safety but in a brand aligned way.


‘Our brewery floor is covered in pipes and hoses transporting beer from A-Z, so watch your step’

‘Hate waiting for the bath water to run? So do we! This "buffer’’ tank is full of 25 baths worth of spare water that’s ready to brew into whenever we need it’

Post-tour experience


After the tour we sat down to have a few more beers (of course!) and some food. I wasn’t expecting much of the food, maybe some burgers and dirty fries? But I was so wrong! They had a menu full of small plates and sharing foods, the kind of stuff you just want to nibble on whilst you have a few drinks. We then learnt that everything was specifically paired to go with the beers. It was really unexpected for that kind of environment but somewhere I would go back to purely for the food alone, the brewery is a bonus!!

The staff really knew what they were talking about when it came to the beers and the food, we even got a telling off from one waitress for sticking to their classic beers and not trying anything a bit more ‘out there’! You could tell she really believed in the product and cared about our experience.

With the purchase of Camden by AB InBev I wondered if the brewery would still have it’s independent, small feel to it. But honestly, if you didn’t know about their parent company – you wouldn’t have figured it out. 


The Camden Beer brand is all about keeping it simple whilst producing high-quality products that are loved with care and pride. This was clear throughout the whole experience; especially through the passionate knowledgeable staff and the focus on sourcing the right ingredients. They took a brewery experience that could have easily been bland and boring and used the brand to bring it to life and make it exciting.


Lois is a CX Strategist with a background in research and the world of employer branding. She enjoys the range of challenges that working agency side brings, alongside being able to use a wide variety of research methodologies. 
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