Customer Experience Review

Hello "Hello Fresh"

Andy - 1 st September 2016

The customer

Whilst it pains me to admit it, my wife and I are something of a cliché. 2 jobs and a 2 year old means that we are extremely time poor. Throw in a hatred of the ‘big shop’, and we end up shopping regularly at our local Co-op, and throwing away almost half of what we buy. It’s not good for anyone.

So, when Charlie saw ‘Hello Fresh’ at a exhibition, we thought we’d give it a go. Their mission is to change the way the nation eats, and to help you do it they send all of the fresh ingredients you need, perfectly portioned, to cook 3 delicious and healthy meals per week. It sounded perfect!

The experience

Every interaction with Hello Fresh screams ‘passion for food’. The website and app are simple, vibrant and exciting – just like the food – and do just what they need to, no more no less. Within 5 minutes I’d downloaded the app and selected the 3 meals I fancied having a crack at out of the 5 on offer (choice, but not too much choice – a winning ingredient).

On the Monday, the box arrived. Despite knowing what would be inside it, it still felt exciting. As we unpacked the box, we were drawn to the ingredients that we’d never normally buy or cook (the quinoa trend passed me by), and the super cute mini-pots and packets that equate to one or two tablespoons’ worth. Just like the app, the recipe cards contained within the box are clean, fresh and simple to follow, and I genuinely looked forward to cooking the wild mushroom tagliatelle on offer.

Whilst you could of course purchase all of the ingredients necessary for these meals separately, what Hello Fresh does so superbly is it allows you to focus on the pleasure of cooking. The hassle of shopping, and the challenge of identifying each and every ingredient is gone. It may sound lazy, but the delight of having all 8 ingredients, perfectly weighted out, made cooking a new meal a complete pleasure – just as cooking should be.


The alignment

Hello Fresh is a relatively new brand, which often makes alignment of its brand easier than an established service. However, what impressed me was the consistency to the brand’s key values throughout the customer experience. Simplicity was apparent throughout, from the minimal ingredients to the straightforward ordering system. The Freshness of the ingredients was matched by the burst of colour on the website and app. And the Passion for food presented by Hello Fresh is wonderfully infectious, and has completely reinvigorated by own passion for cooking.

So thank you ‘Hello Fresh’. It’s rare to find a new experience that satisfies an unmet need with such beautiful, delicious simplicity.

Andy is a Director at Brand Vista, with over 15 years experience in advertising and innovation consultancies. He’s happiest when operationalising brands, creating ideas that excite staff, delight customers and bring the brand to life throughout the customer experience. 
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