Customer Experience Review

Show me you know me through your customer experience - Spotify

Rachel - 1 st September 2016

The customer

According to IBM and Econsultancy Study 4 Out Of 5 Consumers Declare Brands Don’t Know Them As An Individual - great infographic here. I found this quite surprising given that almost 90% of marketers agree that personalising the customer experience is critical their company’s growth.

When I think about the experiences that I find irresistible they are the ones that focus on me as an individual and my activity with the brand rather than a reliance on persona. Take Spotify, I use it everyday but what makes it irresistible? It not only helps me discover new music but, like magic, with it’s Discover Weekly playlist it knows what music I like and what I don’t like…. It just knows what I want to hear. 

The experience

Spotify has found a new way to tap the collective intelligence of its 75 million + users, turning their taste into a data layer that can be used to better personalise everyone’s experience.

Combined with what the company calls your “taste profile,” an internally kept list of traits and types of music you tend to enjoy, Spotify can automatically refine and perfect recommendations just for you. When you open the app, you’ll see different playlist choices than I do and those playlists themselves could even be customised just for you. Discover Weekly is your taste profile, brought to life with an automatically generated playlist personally tailored playlist of two to three hours of music for me every week.

The alignment

Discover Weekly is not just a playlist it’s the latest move in a long-term plot to turn Spotify from a giant library of songs into something more like the always-on soundtrack of your life.

To do this, Spotify say they’re most interested in learning how to perfectly blend man and machine. That’s the only way to get to the real goal: to build better playlists by any means necessary and they are using data to help them deliver this goal and vision.

"You can tell instantly if it’s a win or not because we’re so fed by data… All of the playlists live or die by the data.” Doug Ford, Spotify’s Director of Music Programming

“I see Discover Weekly as one of the first products from this new era of personalization, but ultimately we’d love for everything you interact with on Spotify to feel like there’s a bit of you in it.” Doug Ford, Spotify’s Director of Music Programming

So thanks Spotify, with Discover Weekly, you’ve worked out how to provide the right experience for the right person and you may have just out-maneuvered the competition… For the time being.