Customer Experience Review


Katherine - 1 st September 2016

The customer

I am clueless when it comes to golf, I am the antithesis of my partner who plays and watches the sport regularly.  His birthday is coming up soon and he wanted new golf balls, he said I’d find them on Titleist…That I did!

The experience

Titleist don’t have their own shops but they do have a comprehensive website.  The landing page hits you with ‘Did you know? Want to learn more about Titleist? Answer the questions and improve your knowledge.’  This true or false quiz was a nice unexpected read even for me who knows nothing, it hooked me in to the world of golf!  The content doesn’t stop there, there’s news, golf tips and The Clubhouse, a discussion forum.


So, what ball to purchase?  My partner sat with me and we looked at the website together to read up on the Titleist approach.  This is where their passion for the core product of golf, the golf ball, really shines through, “the golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use in every shot.”  This story telling of experience, knowledge and passion guides you through the science, aerodynamics and individual capability to find the best golf ball for you, and the answer isn’t just the most expensive one.  Although this is great, I am disappointed to hear that this website used to have an excellent recommendation tool which got prospects to the answer they were looking for quickly.  Recommendation tools, when done well, can be the highest sales converters, just look at Amazon. 


So, once you’ve found the ball for you, in this case a PRO V1x, maybe you think it’s missing a little something?  Well if you lost the golf ball in the rough that you’d so lovingly selected as the most suitable, you’d be miffed.  Queue the custom golf balls page!  Here, Titleist push their passion through again, offering personalisation services on the product, helping customers attached emotional memory to their purchases.  

The alignment

Titleist is centred on being the number one ball in golf and they drive this essence throughout their experience.  They ‘set out to develop the highest quality and best performing golf ball in the world.’  They have a highly acclaimed product but they have built a whole digital world around it, engaging its customers with knowledgeable and helpful content to help them improve and enjoy the complex game that is golf!  


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