Customer Experience Review

Tyres on the Drive

Andy - 1 st September 2016

The customer

My MOT was due, and I knew a couple of my tyres were borderline, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and order some new ones. This is always a time of discomfort for me. As a 40 year old man who knows next to nothing about cars (the shame, I know!), I am often intimidated by the “black box” of the fast-fit or car service centre. Having had a bad experience with one of the big 4 fast fit companies (they said my brakes needed changing, my garage said they were fine for another 5,000 miles), I decided to try one of the new, and growing, ‘tyres on the drive’ people. And lo and behold, I found a company called ‘Tyres On The Drive’.

The experience

I googled ‘tyres fitted at home’ and a whole host of companies came up, including the traditional fast fit centres. After checking out a few, I settled on, as the user experience was simple, clean and incredibly easy to use.

Rather than being in the hands of the fitter, I could select from a range of budge, mid priced or premium tyres. I could see the ratings and customer reviews of each to hep me make a decision. For the first time in this type of situation, I felt like I had an element of control and could make an informed decision.

Having selected my tyres and fitting date, I sat back and waited for the day.

Until things changed.

My full day of analysing research tapes at home was suddenly interrupted by the need to be in London for a lunchtime meeting. Suddenly the ‘anytime’ fitting option I’d selected wouldn’t work.

It was then that I started to worry about making on online purchase. Would it be black and white? Could I cancel?

I picked up the phone and gave them a call, and was absolutely delighted with the response. Rather than the ‘computer says no’ approach of some online companies, they couldn’t have been more helpful. They allowed me to choose the first time slot of the day, and let me know what I would be the first fitting of the day. They estimated how much time it would take, and therefore which train I’d be able to catch.

And on the day it all worked like clockwork. My young daughter was fascinated by the mechanic’s van and machinery, and rather than being frustrated by her interruptions, he played along. She didn’t stop talking about the man who fixed Daddy’s car all day!

The alignment

Tyres on the drive include their mission statement and commitments on their website:

  • To provide a friendly, premium service to all of our customers

  • To deliver the ultimate in convenience by being where you need us, when you need us

  • To remove the complexities of tyre purchase and tyre fitting

  • To provide customer choice by offering the widest range of brands, with price points to suit every pocket

  • To help reduce the cost of car ownership with services that are up to 40% cheaper than the high street

  • To ensure that our expertise keeps you and your loved ones safe on the road

What’s interesting is that Safety, value and convenience – the three core elements of their mission – used to be the things that the fast fit operators attempted to differentiate on. Their ground has been stolen by new companies who are safer, cheaper and more convenient.

The Tyres on the drive customer experience was brilliant aligned from start to finish. They, and their peers, have repositioned the fast fit organisations. It’s interesting that most Fast Fit communication seems to be about price – they’re clinging on, trying to fight in the red ocean. What they need is to find their blue ocean – to reiomagine and reposition their businesses. Because the ocean is surely only going to get more red; I doubt that the new breed of tyre fitting companies will be content to rest at tyres. I expect servicing on my drive to happen mighty soon.

Andy is a Director at Brand Vista, with over 15 years experience in advertising and innovation consultancies. He’s happiest when operationalising brands, creating ideas that excite staff, delight customers and bring the brand to life throughout the customer experience. 
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