Customer Experience Review

Warby Parker Experience

Rachel - 1 st September 2016

The customer

Even though I don’t wear glasses, I know how pricey they can be and have never really heard anyone talk of any (positive) unforgettable shopping experiences for glasses. Warby Parker appears to have built a company that gives customers exactly what they want and seems to be doing it very well – good product design that’s well-priced, a flawless multi-channel customer experience – and a sustainable business. This is summarised nicely in their customer centric raison d'être:

“Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses…"

The experience

Their main aim is to create great personal experiences and give their customers a reason to tell their friends about them. They have invested in an internal customer experience team that is designed to create ‘awesome’ experiences, when you call you speak you a human in 6 seconds and they are empowered to help you and make you feel good.

The whole experience is well designed, fun and friendly and whether you’re online or in store you’ll speak to a human –and one with personality…

“We spend a lot of time and effort making sure that we’re hiring super-friendly, curious, engaged people to work at Warby Parker… We look for people who are immensely empathetic. We don’t like being upsold. Most people don’t. So it never made sense to us to do that ourselves.” Blumenthal

If you’re unsure about what frames you want, you can choose five styles and the company will send them to you, for free. You pick the ones you want and send the rest back. It’s that simple and if you can’t make it in store their staff create quick, sometimes personalized YouTube videos with character to answer customer’s questions about glasses. Here is their great YouTube channel:

The alignment

Warby Parker have a clear sense of purpose and unique personality which is reflected and used to guide all aspects of the brand – product, process, people and comms and they are leading the way for other entrepreneurs with this technology-based
brand-driven business… Safe to say I’m a

"A lot of subtleties go into a brand," says Sasha Tulchin, the company’s director of creative services, Tulchin invokes the dinner-guest metaphor as well, imagining the Warby Parker brand as "quick-witted, but wears her intelligence lightly. Looks sharp without planning to. Takes a dare. Always offers to help with the dishes.”

"Neil and Dave are more disciplined about brand than any other entrepreneurs I’ve ever invested in," says Ben Lerer, Managing Director of Lerer Hippeau Ventures

"The Warby Parker voice is witty, intelligent, informative, playful, delightful. We are not trite, pretentious, sarcastic, long-winded," she says. "Every time we create a piece of copy, every time we create something new for marketing—every time it’s either in our office or externally projected—we do it with these filters.”