Dishoom: a recipe for success

Lois - 18 th March 2022

Dishoom has been rated the best hospitality company to work for in the ‘Best Places to work list, 2022’ so at a time when hospitality is still struggling so much with staff levels post-pandemic, what are they doing so differently to keep their teams engaged?

The details
Results of the ‘Best places to work’ are decided based on employee feedback submitted through sources such as Glassdoor.

Only two hospitality businesses made this year's list, with the other being fast-casual chain Nando's, which comes in at 34th place despite being a much larger multinational company.

The results are decided based on nine factors relating to their workplace, including career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values and work-life balance. 

4.7 out of 5 for culture and values
This demonstrates the importance of a strong company culture and values that your team members can live and breathe. When you look in detail at some of Dishoom’s employee reviews, the one thing that shines through is the culture and how it’s been built around the values. I’d imagine there aren’t many hospitality companies where staff would be able to tell you about their company values in detail.

Dishoom’s core belief is called ‘Seva’ it means big-hearted and first-class treatment, whether that’s their employees or customers they all receive the same level of respect.

‘Seva means that we don’t just serve people, we take them in and truly look after them. Guests and team alike’

4.6 out of 5 for career opportunities
Dishoom support their employees to progress in various ways, their ‘Dishoom University’ offers a number of courses both for front of house teams and Chefs. They’ve made over 100 internal promotions through these routes and there are plans to extend these courses in the future.

4.2 out of 5 for work life balance

Work life balance has always been an issue within the hospitality industry, long shifts and unsociable hours being the main factors. But when you combine that with the impact of the pandemic, we see so many companies struggling with staffing levels which is ultimately impacting existing team members work life balance. Although through chats with our clients we know this is picking back up again, it will have an impact for a while.

All of Dishoom’s managers are also Mental health first-aid trained to offer support to any employees that may need it.

93% of Dishoom employees would recommend working there to a friend
A key metric to see how genuine engagement is from employees is if they would recommend it to a friend, 93% is extremely high. But when you look at the benefits on offer to employees it’s no surprise they would recommend it.

  • Employees that have been with Dishoom for 5+ years get to go on a trip to Bombay
  • Twice a year the restaurants are closed to bring all of the teams together, but also a mini festival is held in the summer for employees and their family members to say thank you
  • Staff meals are given every shift and employees are encouraged to sit in the restaurant and enjoy a meal
  • Internal praise awards ‘Team Seya’ a Hindu word meaning ‘selfless service’ these are peer voted to encourage engagement

With the impact of the pandemic in an already difficult industry to create long lasting careers and engaged employees Dishoom are doing everything right to create a nurturing, family-like environment for their teams and it’s paying off!

Lois is a CX Strategist with a background in research and the world of employer branding. She enjoys the range of challenges that working agency side brings, alongside being able to use a wide variety of research methodologies. 
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