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HSBC : Bringing the brand to life through tech

Joe - 21 st April 2020

I’ve been a HSBC customer since 1990 (although back then they were Midland Bank … was anyone else a Griffin Saver?) and I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue with them.


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Whether it’s an overdraft extension, a loan, a mortgage, an ISA – they have always been very accommodating and efficient through both the physical and digital interactions I have had with them. And it’s the latter that really impresses me.

I have always been keen to grasp new ways of banking as I don’t live particularly close to a HSBC branch. So when telephone banking came in, I was all over it. It was a similar story with online banking and I have kept the trend by now doing ALL my banking through my mobile …. The ability to deposit a check (yes, they still exist and yes, some people still use them!!) through your mobile is a very clever addition.

But it’s another mobile banking feature that has really caught my eye recently …...

Overdrafts are something I’ve always had and they are particularly useful when you are a week or so away from payday and there’s no food in the fridge, your lad needs new footy boots and the dog has a cold. You know how the saying goes – never enough month left at the end of the money!

What HSBC will now do for you is they will tell you, via a text, the day your overdraft has been dipped into to allow you the opportunity to move funds around and thus avoid any interest charges. If you choose not to do this, they will send you ONE MORE text the following day to confirm that interest has now been charged …. AND THAT IS ALL THE CORERESNDENCE YOU WILL GET. So no constant badgering and reminders that you are now in your overdraft, just 2 simple texts – one as a warning and a 2nd telling you the consequences.


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One of the HSBC values is “Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other” and under this heading, their website goes on to say that they are “Caring about individuals and their progress, showing respect, being supportive and responsive”. I think this latest piece of clever tech fits that perfectly …. And that’s why I really like HSBC!



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