A Big Brand Amplifier

Geoff - 4 th August 2016

In a previous blog I bemoaned the horrendous customer experience delivered by many car dealerships and the impact it has on the car brand they are responsible for. It’s only fair that I celebrate JCT600 in Sheffield and how they delivered a fantastic brand amplifier moment when my new car was delivered.

Having signed for a new Audi we were more than pleased to hear that it had arrived and on time. All good, perhaps we would get the customary bunch of flowers on the back seat to show how much they cared.

Well, no flowers but instead a spectacular piece of theatre that perfectly reflected the scale of the purchase. A walk down the corridor to a glass wall and a congratulatory personalised message. Looking down through the glass wall and one floor down was the new car looking great, even if the thought of reversing out of an underground car park in a brand new car was a bit daunting.

No problem, the push of a button brought the car up in a glass lift with the doors opening to reveal our gleaming new purchase. The car will never look as good as it did at the point of purchase and that piece of theatre amplified that touch point perfectly.

I would like to say that all that was missing was a fanfare. Unfortunately, I was missing too. I was expecting the bunch of flowers approach so my wife picked it up while I was at work.

I was sad to miss the experience and apparently the salesman was a bit crestfallen that we didn’t both get to witness a beautiful brand amplifier.

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