A clunky backend system can ruin the whole customer experience

Kristina - 24 th August 2016

Half way through our Brand Vista treats grocery shop on Tesco, I remembered that I had to update our address so off I went to my account, safe in the knowledge that I could quickly go back to my basket and be done with it quickly and easily. Pretty basic stuff – or so I thought.

I updated the address and clicked back to groceries… but something went horribly wrong.

“Your order cannot be processed; the address is not recognised.” “What? But we’ve had deliveries here before!”, I thought. “Ah well, I’ll just change it back.” Nope. Same error.

After a nice, quick call with customer services, I was assured that the error was corrected and in 5 minutes, I’d be able to complete my shop. Excellent!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple as that. The next day I tried to log on again and got the same error message. I seemingly couldn’t even get back to the groceries page to change the address. Off to customer services one more time and this time I was told that my current address was not recognised, so they’d need to call our local store to make sure they could deliver, then it would take 72 hours to update.

Even though it was sorted out in the end, the whole experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth and I was left wondering how many customers in a similar technical glitch gave up after the first call and switched to a competitor? As consumers are more and more promiscuous, and less and less patient, it seems to me a massive oversight on Tesco’s behalf to have such a difficult to clunky backend system on a service that’s meant to take hassle away and not rely on staff contact. Especially when they’ve clearly thought about the the customer experience from a front-end and customer service point of view.

Whilst I’m sure there are inherent challenges in managing a large site, I hope they take a leaf out of Asda’s book and update it to be more user friendly soon, both on the surface, and at the back-end. 

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