Are you the next Vistarite?

Emma T - 4 th May 2017

If brands that don’t keep their promises drive you mad, and you’re bursting with ideas of how to help them to develop a truly inspirational customer experience, then read on and get in touch if you’d like to join the Brand Vista team as an intern for 9 – 12 months.

Brand Vista is looking for a talented, enthusiastic individual with an interest in brands to provide support to the New Business Development team as well as our Brand Executives and Aligners.

It is a varied position that encompasses creative marketing, office management, logistics and planning.

There are two main areas to the role: 

Creative Marketing (roughly 75%)


You’ll be working with a small marketing team to help with their projects, creating exciting and engaging content that didn’t exist before. They’ll mentor you and give you tasks that contribute to our projects and your portfolio. You’ll spend your time documenting & researching (videoing, photographing and writing) what happens in Brand Vista, our clients and in the industry. You’ll then help turn this into attractive, engaging and exciting content.

Office Management & Executive Support (roughly 25%)



Dealing with everything associated with the running of the office. This will include ordering office groceries (like drinks and snacks), keeping the stationary cupboard stocked, ensuring the office is tidy and managing the credit card statements, phone contracts and subscriptions

Supporting the Executives who are, in turn, supporting the Aligners. This will include taking minutes in meetings, organising travel and meeting spaces, photocopying, laminating, binding, printing and organising stimulus packs for workshops and focus groups

You must:

  • Be interested in brands and business

  • Love the internet, can speak all things digital

  • Be creative, which means you might love photography, making videos, illustrating, animating, being a YouTuber, being an Insta-fanatic or just being very good at social media

  • Understand and use social media in ways you can show us

  • Have passion for design or writing

  • Pay ridiculous attention to detail

  • Have a start-up mentality, which means flexibility and collaboration are key

  • Be fanatic with and inspired by other creative marketers and marketing content, with a fire to then create your own ideas and content

  • Be excellent at time management

  • Be brilliant at logistics, especially organising travel

  • Be comfortable work on your own initiative and flexible about what role you’ll play in a team

  • Be competent on Word and Excel

  • Be confident in dealing with people at all levels of business, internally and externally

It would be nice if you have:

  • An inquisitive mind and an awareness of what’s going on in the world

  • Strong research skills and are able to find and organise information, and present your findings in a coherent manner

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the above skills. We’re after a person who loves creating things and learning new skills (especially on your own initiative), so you’ll be given the opportunity to grow.

You will get:

  • The opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting, successful and world-famous brands such as Alton Towers, Aintree, Madame Tussauds, ASDA, SEA LIFE, AstraZeneca, Gala Bingo and David Lloyd clubs

  • A great and thorough insight into the world of brands

  • 9 – 12 months of unique experience to enhance your academic learning

  • To work in city centre Manchester with a friendly, passionate and driven team

  • A pro-rata salary of £12k p.a. plus a potential performance bonus

This job is based in Manchester city centre, although occasionally you may need to go to our Liverpool office. The hours will be 8:30am – 5:30pm (though other hours may be needed) and the dress code is smart casual (jeans and nice trainers are standard in our office). 


If you think this is a role you may be interested in then please complete the task below and then contact Emma Titchener on with your CV and a short statement on why you are interested in the role and why you think we will be interested in you.

Deadline: Friday May 26th 2017

Recruitment Task

1. Your Task:
Is to make a short video about your hobby or interest. The video should be appealing enough that someone with similar interests would want to participate, learn more about the topic or click the follow / subscribe button.

2. Criteria:
The video should be between 2 minutes and 10 minutes long. The length will depend on your video style and type.
Tip: you will be assessed on the quality and the message of your video, not the length.

3. Submission:
You will need to send your video to us with your CV. You can do this by uploading it to YouTube and sending us the link, sending it via WeTransfer, posting it on a memory stick, or another suitable way.
We will review the video as part of your application and if successful we will ask you to interview.

4. Interview:
The interview will provide you with the opportunity to present your video and discuss your creative process.

Emma has had a very successful marketing career spanning a range of industries. This enables her to truly understand, and help overcome, the challenges her clients face in developing and operationalising winning brands.
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