Digging Deep to Provide Commercial Success

Holly - 28 th September 2015

I’ve been working in research for over 7 years now and absolutely love it – getting under the skin of brands to develop compelling visions and irresistible customer experiences, whilst also being heavily involved in exploring the Brand Alignment possibilities is what fascinates me most and what gets me up in the morning.

So much so that I’m currently reviewing Brand Vista’s innovative research methodologies, in order to determine how we can dig even deeper to provide even greater commercial success for our clients.

But this got me thinking about one of the tried-and-tested research methods: the focus group.

Still, in 2015, one of our go-to research methodologies is the humble focus group, and while they have been around since long before I was even born, it’s interesting speaking to colleagues and friends in the field about how well-regarded they remain.

Both digital and online platforms have ensured it is now much easier to speak to a wider range of people across the globe. However, nothing beats seeing ‘the whites of people's eyes’ in order to get an understanding of what they really think.

With any qualitative research, facilitation is key, but for me, the power of having a conversation with someone face to face is king – and I will continue to suggest this methodology for our clients in the future.

My review of research is still ongoing but even at this stage it’s interesting to know that even with modern technological advances, sitting down with someone over a cuppa could still be one of the most powerful forms of research to get under the skin.

Stay tuned to Brand Vista’s Top Thoughts to see how my research review continues...

Have you used focus groups and found them to be useful, or is there another method you favour during the research and development process? Let us know on Twitter.

Holly’s background is in insight, communication and brand strategies. With over 8 years’ experience working agency side, Holly lives in the world of her clients and project manages from a truly informed and insightful place to improve business performance through their brand.
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