DJs in department stores?

Holly - 28 th April 2016

I recently returned home to Liverpool and experienced the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar for the first time. What an experience! There was a DJ playing music and the place was booming, so much so that I left with the feeling that I had been on a girls’ night out, despite it being the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

I started comparing Harvey Nichols to bars and restaurants I’ve been to and it got me thinking: the new experiences being offered are all rather exciting for me, but are brands competing against more than just the brands in their industry?

In today’s market, brands now need to keep informed on what is happening in industries beyond their own and recognise the possibilities such insights will have in creating irresistible customer experiences.

It’s clear that customers are now comparing experiences against other experiences in different industries, whether it’s a retail store or a theme park.

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