Doing social well

Kristina - 24 th August 2016

Brands are all over social media and nowadays a fair few do a pretty good job of creating interesting content and engaging with their audiences. It’s also no big news that consumers go on social media to get help from brands in lieu of traditional customer services. I’ve certainly taken to Twitter with the odd complaint or suggestion because I feel like brands are more likely to respond promptly when all eyes are (potentially) on them. However, it was not until a recent trip abroad that I really got to experience a brand using social media to truely benefit me, on my terms.

After checking in with KLM, I was surprised to get an option from them to receive my boarding cards via Facebook Messenger. A bit of an odd move but ok, I thought. Then when I arrived at my destination and realised my boyfriend had left his mobile on one of our connecting flights, I really saw the value in having that message from them in my inbox.

As soon as I connected to the airport WiFi, I was able to drop KLM a quick note about the loss and get a speedy response from their customer service team about who to contact at lost & found.

Unfortunately, the phone never turned up but it was a huge stress relief to be able to talk to someone quickly and easily. Even better was that because the KLM team were using a chat-based platform, they did away with the long-winded customer service email spiel you usually have to wade thought to get an answer.

I can definitely see why they’re considered one of the best brands to use social media to care for customers.

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