Employee experience drives business transformation

Andrew S - 7 th August 2017

Businesses invest a lot of time and effort developing their vision with the hope that it will inspire their employees to help drive the future success of the company. Whilst it is important and effective to have a compelling vision that everyone can understand, it is equally important to deliver that vision effectively…

Brilliant delivery - it’s the realists way. It connects people to the business’ ambition and the needs of customers, better than most alternative solutions.

Creating and delivering an inspired customer experience does not fully represent the transformational impact of the work you are doing. You must go one step further and create an employee experience that is aligned to the brand whilst being equally compelling.

A differentiated Employee Experience (EX) cannot serve as the sole initiator of change, but it does have the power to inspire the team to engage with the customer experience in a more impactful way…

Embed your brand and define your vision

It’s common sense that an embedded brand and clear vision can create great employee experiences - in turn, transforming the customer experience for the better. In a recent article, Harvard Business Review proved that engaged employees can make all the difference…

  • Businesses with an aligned vision throughout the business experienced an 18% increase in productivity and a 37% decrease in absenteeism.

  • It goes without saying that engaged employees are much more productive. In fact, whilst engaged employees take an average of 2.69 ‘sick days’ per year, disengaged employees take an average of 6.19.

  • Companies with high and sustainable levels of engagement enjoyed an average operating margin that was 3 times higher than those with lower engagement levels

  • 70% of engaged employees have a good understanding of customer needs, compared to just 17% of disengaged employees

  • 67% of engaged employees are happy to act as advocates for their organisation, whereas only 3% of disengaged employees feel the same

  • Businesses with higher levels of employee engagement report higher levels of innovations, with 59% of engaged employees agreeing that their jobs spark creativity compared to just 3% of disengaged employees

Employee experience, and the engagement that comes from it, significantly affects the business. And with 40% of millennials admitting to feeling strongly connected to the company mission, this correlation is only going to get stronger.

Make it real for those that count

Whilst a customer has the power to switch and move onto another brand if you don’t perform or meet their growing needs, an employee is naturally more invested.

They can’t just ‘drop you’. So instead they have to choose between putting up with the status quo or withdraw from the business completely.

It’s up to you to change this behaviour. With the right attention and effective delivery, the same employee could easily be invigorated to help you build the brand you want to create.

You must inspire the team to improve their lives and create stories that position them as legends within the business. Encourage them to enhance their own skills and performance and help them position themselves as integral elements to the business strategy.

Make them see that they are not just listening to the rhetoric of the senior management.

Show them that something is happening, prove that real change is being implemented and that they are a part of the transformation.

This is the stuff that will truly ignite their passion for the business. And it is a pivotal point in the entire approach…

An inspiring vision is the most effective way to connect the wider team to the business. But a compelling vision with poor delivery will just reinforce any of the cynical views your employees might have. It gives them a solid example of an empty promise made by management.  

If you can bring it to life, your people will become brand builders. If you can’t, they will quickly become brand destroyers…

Actions speak louder than words

Your people can either be brand builders or brand destroyers, depending on how engaged they are…

“We came to think of Disney as a canvas on which many artists paint in pointillist style - one dot at a time. If each of these dots is executed with precision, imagination and an awareness of the whole, the painting becomes richer, more vibrant and multi dimensional…

When a new group of artists come along, the risk is that they will bring a diminished commitment to excellence, or a lack of attention to the whole. Then the opposite occurs - point by point, stroke by stroke, the masterpiece deteriorates into something mediocre and commonplace, even ugly, until eventually it’s destroyed all-together.” - Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney between 1984 - 2005.

In other words, actions speak louder than words every time.

By creating an employee experience that authentically delivers each of your promises, your people will see that you have listened. They will understand that you are striving to deliver a brand that will secure their futures, as well as the future of the business.

It paints a positive picture, one that presents your business as being something both dynamic and purposeful.

In effect, you are turning actions into an internal communication medium. One that acknowledges your team for being a positive part of the solution.

The beauty of building an inclusive and collaborative process that involves the team in solution delivery, is that the customer experience really benefits.

Done well, it creates an experience where the customers feel that the brand understands them and is with them. They feel they are engaging with one brand across every channel because delivery is consistent; same positioning, values and personality throughout.

Done well, the people they encounter on their journey to transaction and beyond are brand builders, delivering a positive human face to the brand. It proves that the business is serious about its people and its customers.

The Delivery stage is the moment you will truly be able to erode silos and help employees see their job from a broader, customer oriented one. Without this connectivity, there is little chance of being able to survive - never mind thrive - in the new era of brand.

Treat employees as your best asset

If the engagement of employees has such an impact on how your customers experience your brand, it goes without saying that nurturing and supporting them is a business priority.

Treat them as your best asset and deliver an employee experience that ignites passion and pride in the work they do.

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Andrew is the CEO and the other founding partner of Brand Vista. With over 30 years of brand experience both on the client and agency side, what gets him up every morning is a passion for helping clients grow through building genuinely differentiated brands that deliver a customer experience that becomes irresistible.
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