From fading glory back to the winner's enclosure with a realigned customer experience

Gary - 14 th November 2016

Today, customers expect complete, end-to-end customer experiences. Which means brands have to deliver something seamless and irresistible from start to finish.

From experience, I’ve learnt any brand can do this if they listen to the wants and needs of their customers and use this information to craft a clear brand vision and map out an aligned customer experience. Then simply educate and train each team member to deliver it.

One of our clients, The Jockey Club, is a great example of this in practice...  

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The Grand National Festival, hosted at Aintree Racecourse, is known to be one of the most iconic  horse racing festivals in the world. So you can imagine why it was such a surprise when we discovered Ladies Day had been struggling to deliver growth in terms of ticket sales and profitability for four years.

To address the interminable downward spiral, the brand trialled various recovery strategies including discount pricing. But ‘playing it safe’ wasn’t enough to change and improve the overall customer experience and format of the day.

Instead, we researched, designed and implemented a 7 step brand alignment process. From exploring the source of the decline to aligning the whole team with the brand’s new approach, we helped rebrand and reposition the entire customer experience.  

After four years without any growth, the event saw an uplift in attendance of 5% in the first year alone!

Find out how rebranding the event and redefining the customer journey became a significant game changer for Aintree, increasing overall profit on the day by 20% and boosting hospitality bookings by 12%...

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Gary is the chairman and one of the original founders of Brand Vista. With over 20 years of brand experience both on the client and agency side he loves finding out what customers and consumers are really thinking and turning this knowledge into compelling brand propositions that succeed in the real world.
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