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Emma T - 26 th October 2015

I love it when I hear examples of new products or services that have been developed in response to a genuine need, and formed with real insight into the audience’s lifestyle.

M-Pesa is one such example. Essentially, it’s a banking service in Africa operated by a mobile phone network that was set up to serve around a billion people around the world who don’t have a bank account.

M-Pesa know that people own mobile phones, but importantly they understand that people have to transfer money.

Over 7 million have now registered. All M-Pesa agents need to do is deposit a small amount of money, provide a mobile phone number and ID card.

One Masai farmer told the BBC that when he sells cows in Nairobi, he puts the money on his phone to ensure that robbers can't get his cash.

A Kenyan woman said she uses the technology to transfer money from her phone to that of her parents while a Nairobi businessman told us it was handy for settling customer accounts.

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