My love of the UK Customer Experience Awards

Paul - 21 st July 2015

I am proud to say that this September 2015 will be my third year of involvement with the UK CX awards and I’m excited.

It started in 2013 when I worked at Virgin Media and led the Customer Experience Design Team. Using NPS we identified that staff behaviours drive advocacy, even when the problem a customer has isn’t resolved. It’s common sense when you think about it that a polite, friendly, helpful person will be more successful than a rude, miserable, unhelpful person. So we set about designing a behavioural framework as a guide to all front line staff (sales and service contact centres, retail, field engineers) to help them identify the right situations in which to use the right language, actions and behaviour to make our customers feel good. This increased NPS and ultimately made a difference to the bottom line. Having recently caught up with an ex-colleague it is still going strong and being developed further. Great news. Even better our work was recognised in two categories at the UK CX awards in 2013 and we won.

In 2014 I decided it would be fantastic to return as a judge. So armed with my category “Business change or transformation – culture change” I scored all the entries and attended the event to sit on the other side of the table. It was fantastic. The companies presented their work and the eventual winner had created a test contact centre where they trialled all new innovations, processes … anything. The real clincher for me was the passion by which they presented their work, the natural team dynamics that existed between them and their totally humble natures. Coupled with great business results it made them the clear winner. In the wider event Northern Gas Networks cleaned up. They won 6 awards. A company that lays gas pipes under the ground, who I hadn’t heard of before, won 6 awards !! Wow. They were an incredible bunch who absolutely believed in their brand, staff and customers. Now that’s a culture worth learning more about.

As I turn to 2015 I’m excited by what lies ahead. Will anyone beat Northern Gas Networks, will they be back (they aren’t, the finalists were announced last week), what innovations are there in the customer experience world, what can we learn, what new and interesting people will I meet? All very exciting and not too long to wait. I will of course share my thoughts after the event, so keep an eye out in October after the event.

Good luck to everyone entering, I can’t wait to be inspired by all the great stories again this year.

Paul has a customer experience and operational leadership background. Prior to joining Brand Vista Paul was Head of Customer Experience Design at Virgin Media and is a specialist in designing and implementing brand enhancing customer journeys that deliver commercial results.
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