Never forget ‘brilliant basics’ when designing a brand experience

Jo - 12 th August 2015

Expectations Set By the Brand: Get the Basics Right

Having just returned from France, my travel experience has got me thinking about customer experience expectations and how they’re set by the brand and its competitors.

On the way there we landed at Bergerac, a tiny airport that only has a couple of flights a day. We expected a rather provincial customer experience, and we were we right.

At Bergerac Airport, arrivals is no more than a shed. However, when we landed, we had our passport checked and picked our bags up within 20 minutes – not a bad customer experience based on what we expected of the brand.

When the return flight landed at Stansted International Airport, we had much higher expectations – as you’d expect – but we found the opposite.

There were no ladders to get off the plane, long waits, huge queues at border control and very grumpy staff at every point.

‘Wows’ and ‘Brilliant Basics’

We always talk to our clients about getting the basics right, and I felt my Stansted Airport experience was a good reminder of brands underestimating the importance of ‘brilliant basics’.

For all brands, ‘wows’ are determined by the brand itself. These determine how it is viewed in comparison with its competitors.

Remember that although there are industry expectations capable of influencing customer experience, the better benchmark is your brand and how it fits in to the competitive landscape. 

Jo comes from a background of business strategy, marketing and innovation. She loves to use her knowledge in these areas to really understand her clients and identify how to help them overcome the brand challenges they face.
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