Onwards and upwards: 7 elements needed to build a great CX strategy

Andrew S - 30 th June 2017

This blog series started with The Brand Alignment Approach.

It established the need for customer experience development and highlighted the challenges preventing businesses from making positive changes. And it introduced 5 stages to customer experience transformation:

  • Exploring

  • Visioning

  • Aligning

  • Delivering

  • Measuring

So far, we’ve discussed what you need to build a hot CX strategy. And now it’s time to re-cap. It’s time to bring all the top line advice into one neat post. It’s time to build an incredible customer experience strategy.

For more information on any of these seven factors, click through to the original article beneath each point.

1. A platform of evidence and data

There’s only one way to successfully transform your brand and become more customer-oriented. And that’s to collect the hard facts.

Listen to your customers, your people and your business wants and needs.

These are three vital components that are going to influence your brand alignment strategy.

2. A robust business case

The second asset needed to drive forward a strong CX strategy is a robust business case that is built upon deep and meaningful insights.

It should define the journey of transformation ahead, using data to reason every stage. If it’s based on fluff and not fact, your executives will rightly blow your initiative out of the water.

Make sure you dig deep and listen hard for valuable information that is going to back your case.

3. A clearly articulated brand vision

Your vision should offer the lens from which you can build the customer experience.

It’s the asset that will drive the success of this whole approach. It will put an end to siloed behaviour, ignite passion in your employees and knock down the walls that are keeping departments in their silos.

But for your vision to inspire a positive change across your business, it must be well defined and clearly articulated.

4. An inspiring envisioned customer experience

Using your brand vision, you should be able to establish what should and shouldn’t be done.

It should analyse the opinions of those who matter - your customers and your people. And should be deep rooted in evidence:

  • Macro social and economic projections

  • Data analysis

  • Qualitative assessment

  • Quantitative assessment

  • Hard financial analysis

And this should be brought together in a visioning workshop to fine tune the envisioned customer experience.

5. Brand basics and brand amplifiers

Enhance your envisioned customer experience with brand basics and brand amplifiers.

Make sure these are integrated from the start, so you can clearly establish and prove how you are going to differentiate your brand. Not only from competitors in your market, but all existing markets.

After all, today’s consumers are comparing you against every brand that exists, whether they are a direct competitor or not.

Lay the foundation with your brand basics before creating moments that will amplify your brand, inspire your customers and promise tangible benefits to your customers and your business.

6. A strong, passionate team

Listen to your team. Empower them. Help them grow and develop with the business. Create stars in all areas of the business.

It is then that you will bust silos and break down any departmental barriers.

Your people are the talent that power your business. They operate your brand and engage with customers on a day to day basis. They are responsible for delivery, so keep them involved in creation too.

If you want to drive positive change across all of the business, pump up your employees and build a passionate team.

7. A deliverable objective

Possibly one of the most important elements for this approach —  you won’t be able to deliver a strategy without a clear and deliverable objective.

Whatever you want to achieve, it needs to be fueled by an objective that outlines:

  • What needs to happen

  • Where it needs to happen

  • When it needs to happen

  • Who is going to be in charge of delivering it

Before you even move into the Delivering stage of this 5 step approach, define your objective.

Next step: Changing your world

It’s all very well and good having a vision, but it’s delivering it that really counts. It’s about making it real; combining vision with action to ignite something magical.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

There’s no two ways about it: delivery is king. It’s the difference between good and great experiences. It’s what makes a great brand and generates value.

And it’s the next step of the Brand Alignment Approach…

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