Put Your Money Where Your Vision Is

Katherine - 26 th October 2015

A small independent company called Wizard fingers has launched a campaign to ‘Buy the world a hope’, a scheme that also takes aim at one of the world’s biggest corporations.

In response to Coca Cola’s 1971 famous advert where they encouraged consumers to ‘Buy the world a coke’, Wizard Fingers are calling upon the brand to put their money where their vision is.

Referring to Coca Cola’s 2020 ambition to combine business and planet, suggesting that some, or their entire advertising budget (reportedly a whopping $3 billion) could be better spent on helping the environment.  

Wizard Fingers claim that “83% of global consumers say they will change what they buy if that brand makes the world a better place.” 

A Vision That Means Something

Today’s consumers are clued up and fired up – just look at the latest Millennials’ reaction to Harry Styles’ rallying cry against Sea World.  There’s nowhere to hide and a brand can mean so much more to consumers if they get it right.

“Let’s help one of the biggest brands fulfill their true vision and make buying the world a coke actually mean something.” – Wouldn’t that be the ultimate bringing to life and a vision that actually means something?

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