The Customer Experience: Magic Moments

Holly - 15 th September 2015

As I was flicking through Flipboard recently I saw a touching story about a Tesco delivery driver who arrived at a lady’s house to drop off her shopping, only to discover that she wasn’t at home.  

Each week the driver delivers the lady’s shopping at the same time and he liked to think he knew the customer well, so instead of leaving a ‘standard note’, he wrote:

"Hello xxx so sorry you are not in, if you are in the hospital don’t worry, hope you’re ok and hopefully I shall see you very soon xx"

This little gesture has now gone viral.

This got me thinking, that of course, policy and procedures are important within a business, but so is the customer experience – there should be freedom for employees to go one step further and create magical moments for the customer.

I highly doubt that the Tesco delivery driver was supposed to do this, so why don’t they take these moments onboard and consider further what they can do to deliver a great experience and differentiate against the other supermarkets?

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