The Marketing Lessons in Brexit

Geoff - 30 th June 2016

I remember listening to a young mum in a focus group as I was testing new products for a client. “You have 10 seconds to explain who you are, what you stand for and why I should support you”

I went back to that moment when I reflected on the country’s decision to support vote Leave.

Remain had a complex, multi-layered set of messages, badly presented and apparently lost on huge numbers of the people they needed to persuade. Leave had a simple message, consistently delivered and repeated frequently. It might have been an unpalatable message for many people but it was simple, direct and touched on the emotional feelings of many voters.

This isn’t a comment on the result as that must be for each individual to consider. I would simply remind everyone what that young Mum went on to say.

‘Promising is easy, I will only really believe you if you deliver.’

Interesting times ahead.

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