Treat customers with respect

Andy - 26 th June 2015

I spent some time recently thinking about how John Lewis treats its customers.  

It's clear they consider themselves a mirror of their clientele. They think the best of them, and they get respect and decency in return.

Many companies see their customers as a hindrance and treat them as if they’re stupid. We’ve all dealt with companies like this and witnessed the results.

Not John Lewis. They focus on the good 99% – not the other 1%. It’s both glaringly obvious and brilliantly true.

This got me thinking about personas and how this aspect of marketing is now more important than ever. In addition to just establishing who the target customer is, brands need to build pictures of people they can truly relate to.

Forget the “us and them” mentality. Brands need to step inside the shoes of their customers and have to make sure they're guided by what’s right for those individual personas.

But just a pen portrait isn’t going to be enough – it’s about creating something far more useful that considers the customer's lifestyle and, ultimately, what drives them as consumers.