We Find Our Path by Walking It

Katherine - 26 th October 2015

At Brand Vista we treasure poet Maya Angelou’s words, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Us Vistarites sincerely believe in striving for better, helping brands improve their customer experience and making the most of all those potential interactions and touch points along the way.

How you make your customers FEEL is everything, and is a make or break point – but how can marketers achieve this?

Angelou also said, “We find our path by walking it”, and in order for brands to positively impact their customers’ lives, they must put the work in, experience their offering themselves, and tread their own tracks. 

This ensures that the brand understands the customer, their world, what makes them tick, and what turns them off. 

It also means no short cuts, as they inevitably mean a quick fix that may be great in the short term, but will prove useless in the longer term – brands will also likely neglect the brilliant basics, and end up shooting straight for the special extras. 

Brands that follow other paths lose their identity and fail to stay true to their own brand essences and visions, potentially confusing and losing customers along the way.

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As a Senior CX Strategist, Katherine enjoys moderating research and facilitating collaborative workshops to provide clients with essential insight for the development of their brands. Previous management roles at McDonald’s and Marks & Spencer mean that Katherine’s passion and expertise is rooted in retail and hospitality. 
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