Quick Quantitative Research Capabilities

Janet - 11 th November 2022

While quantitative research is primarily used to provide robust data and provide a deep nuanced look at consumer behaviour, there is also space for light touch research to give a steer on consumer sentiment.

Our quick quant capabilities allow us to survey a smaller sample of respondents c100 overnight to provide a rapid response to client questions. There is not always the need, means or time for a larger piece. For example, this method could be used to gain a general understanding of sentiment, or response to concept elements before going into a full concept test.

Here is an example of a piece of quick quant that we carried out amongst a sample of 100 nationally representative respondents. The objective was to gather some understanding of consumer sentiment around the cost-of-living crisis, if and how this has already begun to impact behaviour, and what this might mean for leisure. The data was collected between 12/09/2022 and 13/09/2022.

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