Simple, yet successful brand amplification

Tabitha - 4 th July 2019

I don’t know if you know, but I am actually Scottish… so when I went back to the motherland it was a TREAT and I was very excited.

Throughout our little road trip, we stayed in B&Bs- mainly to keep costs down but also to properly immerse ourselves in the little towns we visited. One particular B&B stood out, and it was all down to its brand amplifiers.

The B&B was called Willow Cottage and it was actually the cheapest place we stayed at throughout our stay. It is an independent B&B which is only in its second year of welcoming guests.

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Brand Amplifier 1- ‘The Snug’

We stayed in a very small room and the owners of the B&B even emailed us after we had booked checking we were aware that it would be quite small.

When we arrived, it actually wasn’t that small, but what was a lovely surprise was the living room downstairs, AKA the Snug. It had been set up just for guests to use. It had board games, loads of maps of the area, a log fire, Scottish snacks on the side that we could help ourselves to and wine glasses ready for use! It made me feel completely at home in an instant. They achieved this with the homely décor and the ethos of ‘you’re on holiday, relax!’


Brand Amplifier 2 – Mull to do list

The first thing to bear in mind here is that this was an adult only B&B. However, this did not stop them including a ‘30 things to see and do on the Isle of Mull’ list which was part of the lovely little welcome pack we were given on arrival. It was a simple checklist of things to look out for, with double points awarded for the tougher spots!

We have heard in Travel Republic research that you go on holiday to escape the norm and to feel care free, and this was an extremely simple, yet very effective way of triggering those feelings. I felt like a kid again doing my eye spy book and we found ourselves competing to spot the most!


Brand Amplifier 3- The granola

Yep, you heard me, I am claiming that granola was a brand amplifier. This was no ordinary granola though, it was homemade and it was to die for.

When we complimented the owner on it, he told us that the majority of their reviews (5* on trip advisor) commented on it and he said that they used to do cooked breakfasts but they stopped because no one was eating them as they had all filled up on the granola!

This 2 night stay really highlighted to me the importance of our brand amplifier sessions. Amplifiers do not need to be ground-breaking new discoveries to make you stop and remember them. They just need to, as we say, ‘surprise and delight’ which all 3 of these examples successfully did.

All 3 of these examples made me feel a certain way- at home, young again and just plain chuffed with a tasty breakfast! And that is because they knew their customers.

Tapping into customer emotions enables us to help our clients successfully develop these amplifiers, highlighting the importance of our exploring stage, and as we have previously said, getting into the shoes of our customers so that we can understand what will stand out for them.

Tabitha is a CX Strategist who loves to immerse herself in brands and facilitate research to provide clients with brilliant, customer focused insight. Having made the leap from the world of law, she utilises her research and strategy skills across a wide range of sectors. Alongside work, she enjoys horse riding and loves to travel whenever she gets the chance. 
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