Ten things to learn about turning a bad experience into a great one

Andrew S - 6 th February 2019

I was sitting on a train the other day and was admiring a fellow passenger’s wireless earbuds. I had been thinking about buying a pair but was put off by the price of the Apple version.

I commented on them to him and he basically sold me in about 1 minute, a glowing recommendation for the SAVFY version and they looked very cool too.

Before I had reached the station they were on their way to me via Amazon Prime.

They arrived all beautifully presented and with enough charge in them to be used straight out of the box, all is going very well at this stage.

However when I used them in earnest for the first time in the gym it was dreadful, one ear bud refused to connect and when eventually it did it kept cutting out. I am one very unhappy camper.

Amazon returns worked very well, as always and I decided that I felt so let down by this product (I had given it a few goes as tech and I don’t always get on!) that I wrote a 2 star review with some pretty harsh comments and posted it on the Amazon website, not something I normally do but I just wanted to see if anything happened.

My wife made a little joke that I was an optimist if I expected anything to happen and that writing anything was a waste of time

But then she and I hadn’t taken into account Selina

Within 2 days of posting I received an email apologising for the product failure, offering me a full refund and if I had already claimed this through Amazon she would arrange to ship a new set of ear buds free of charge.

I accepted her kind offer and waited. She emailed me back with shipping details, then informed me when they were dispatched and then contacted me to check I was happy with them as her records showed they had been delivered. This is real class I thought, so I changed my review to a gushing 5 star rating based on this amazing customer experience.

I am happy to report that not only do these buds work brilliantly it is an absolute joy to see a customer experience that is totally aligned and personal.

So what do I think we learn from this CX masterclass from Selina and her team at SAVFY?

1. Great product design can create interesting conversations and brand amplification.

2. We do not live in a perfect world and things go wrong so how you recover is the bit that either builds or destroys your brand.

3. Managing your talent in a way that inspires them to have a pride in your product and brand is critical to success.

4. Giving your front of house permission to deliver amazing customer experiences with a personal touch beats any form of manual or “process”.

5. People deal with people and it is that interaction (even over the most sterile of media – the email) that adds the emotion and personal touch. Allowing them to be themselves and not just an employee is felt by your customers.

6. This sort of excellent Customer Experience is based on a very human attribute, respect for one’s fellow man. SAVFY are a Chinese company and I am sure Selina was writing from that amazing country, but she was human – a truly global brand value.

7. Getting it right means that your customers will happily write glowing reviews, blogs and posts on social media. In fact they are much more likely to do this than fill in one of the million surveys one receives when you have brought the smallest thing on Amazon or parked your car.

8. Having the right tools to identify a customer experience that needs recovering in real time is brand critical. That is what made the difference to me.

9. The real power of managing customer experience comes when data, people and processes combine to deliver a human experience. Other routes being developed using AI and bots may be more cost effective but they tend not to “feel” the customer….yet!

10. It is as nice for the customer as it is for your team to end up with a really positive resolution to a customer experience problem.

Thank you Selina – your company should be very proud of you.

Andrew is the CEO and the other founding partner of Brand Vista. With over 30 years of brand experience both on the client and agency side, what gets him up every morning is a passion for helping clients grow through building genuinely differentiated brands that deliver a customer experience that becomes irresistible.
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