Every little helps when we most need it

Lois - 30 th March 2020

Without a doubt, our needs as consumers have completely changed over the last couple of weeks. Things that used to be important to us seem to have dropped down the scale of importance and our priorities have completely shifted.

Our priorities now, more than ever are focused around staying safe, making sure our loved ones are safe and having enough supplies to keep going for now.

Food shopping used to be such a casual, sometimes enjoyable experience but now the thought of going to the shop feels like a military operation! We were starting to run a bit low on supplies in our house and needed a top up on the essentials, we thought about a couple of supermarkets nearby and which might be best to go to but we decided to go to a ‘big Tesco’ with the hopes that this would have enough stock.

We got to the Tesco and were quite surprised on how full the car park was and we were immediately put off when we saw people gathered around the entrance, it looked a bit chaotic but we went ahead with it anyway. As we got closer to the door we realised this wasn’t chaotic, it was actually quite organised. There was a member of staff next to the trolleys advising us that there was sanitised trolleys inside so to wait until we’re in to get one. There was a metal barrier forcing us to queue up, we were asked to stay 2 metres away from the person in front and we were queuing up so that they could control the number of people entering the store. The number of members of staff around the entrance was quite reassuring that this was all under control. Once we got to the door, a lady ‘briefed us’ on the situation, she told us only one of us could go in the store at a time, we must stay 2 metres away from everyone in store and to pay by card. So I was put in control of the list and Dan marched (quite happily!) back to the car.

As you can imagine upon entering the store, now on my own, I was a little bit on edge and didn’t really know what to expect. But as soon as I got in there, my mood changed completely.

There were plenty of members of staff around the store, everyone was friendly and greeted you as you walked past. There was hand sanitiser and blue roll around for customers to use. The shopping environment was really relaxed due to the people limits, I wish it was that quiet all of the time!

The downfall came however when it came to paying, there were barriers up around the tills and you could only access them via the isles, which is great and really helped customers maintain that 2 metre barrier, but it really wasn’t clear what was happening and there was nobody to point you in the right direction. But after that the experience picked up again, with the member of staff on the till being cheery, chatty and really trying to make light of the situation. They sanitised their hands before scanning my shop, then again after scanning the shop and even wiped the chip and pin machine down when I was paying for my shopping.

I was directed to leave the store from a different door that I entered in and on the way out there was a security guard, quite intimidating and I didn’t know what to expect from him, but he told me to ‘have a nice day and stay safe’ which was a lovely, reassuring way to end the visit.

The fear of the unknown is leading a lot of our trips out for essentials at the moment, but it’s good to know that Tesco are turning what could be a draining and negative experience into a positive, easy experience.

Every Little Helps!

Lois is a CX Strategist with a background in research and the world of employer branding. She enjoys the range of challenges that working agency side brings, alongside being able to use a wide variety of research methodologies. 
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