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What does insight training involve?

Our insight training workshops provide teams with an understanding of the value of data, how to gather insights and how to use them to effect change.

Our workshops are both knowledge-based and practical, providing participants with a thorough grounding in the basic principles and practices of generating and actioning insights.

As part of the training, you will learn:

  • The importance of insight
  • How to develop an insightful mindset, always putting customers at the heart of your business
  • How to recognise a good insight
  • The difference between information and insight
  • How to turn your existing data into actionable insights
  • An overview of different research methodologies
  • How to report and communicate insight to get buy in from business stakeholders

Why we’re different

Our experience

We are a team of highly skilled consumer market research specialists and strategists and customer and employee engagement experts and we love sharing our knowledge and experience.

Our energy

A lot of training courses are boring and lacking personality. Not this one. Our trainers are creativity and innovation experts and deliver engaging, fun and interactive workshops that you’ll remember.

Our approach

We develop bespoke training workshops for each of our clients. No two sessions are ever the same and there is no one size fits all approach. We’ll understand your requirements and design a workshop tailored to them.

Our clients

We’ve worked with leading UK and global brands including Grunenthal, AstraZeneca and Greene King to help them understand how to gather insights to improve performance. Why not join that list?

‘The successful repositioning of Slug and Lettuce began with some insightful, no nonsense research from Brand Vista which showed us where we were and where we could go. They helped us envision a future for the brand by developing a realistic positioning that is compelling for customers and inspiring for our team and a Customer Experience which delivers it in spades! The whole process was fast, fun and very effective

Nicola Pryce, Marketing Director Slug & Lettuce

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