When it comes to Customer Experience improvement, we believe that businesses are making 3 big mistakes:

  1. They only focus on improvement. This leads to homogenous experiences and indistinct brands.
  2. They keep their physical and digital experiences separate.
  3. They see the experience through the eyes of the business, not through the eyes of the customer.

We use the brand to drive a compelling Omnichannel customer experience that delivers business success. We do it by ensuring that all aspects of the business (people, products, processes, communications) are aligned to the brand. And we have a proven process that works, FAST!

So below, very briefly, is ‘what we do’. It’s an outline of what we do and the way we do it. We know what works but underpinning our methodology is ‘flexibility’. Every organization has a different start point and its way of doing things and we make sure we go with the grain whenever we can, unless of course, going against it is necessary to make it work.



Research is the foundation of Customer Experience Alignment

Gut-feel has a role in business but fact and genuine insight provide the robustness and inspiration to succeed.

We always start by establishing the business ambition with the senior team. Then we explore the brand’s current standing amongst customers, consumers and colleagues both in the physical and digital worlds. This tells us what we are aiming at, what needs to be overcome and what strengths to build on.

We explore in ways that build buy-in from the word ‘go’, make sure all the myths and hunches in the business are on the table and keeps everything rooted in commercial and practical realism.

Then we break away from the norm. We talk to people you may not think of talking to, we get inside your brand and we take a few risks to work out where the brand could go. After all, if everyone does the same research we all end up doing the same things.



A clear sense of purpose and direction
to power your brand

So much ‘visioning’ work is nonsense, full of clever word play, paradoxes and undeliverable ambition.

This is a missed opportunity as successful visions galvanise organisations through the motivation of individuals and help prioritise resources. They give everyone a sense of purpose and a guide for doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things. Brilliant visions build the future and often cut costs.

We work with you using the Exploring output to create options for the brand. We answer the question ‘where do you need to take your brand to achieve your business ambition?’

Then we test the options internally and externally, quantitatively and qualitatively, so your decision is based on fact.

We keep things simple and make them practical and grounded.

The next step is to make the Vision a reality.



Converting the brand vision into irresistible customer experiences

We design a CX with you where the vision for your brand positioning, values and personality are hot-wired throughout the whole experience (physical and digital).

We start with the senior team in the business and develop a high level version of the aligned experience. Then we work at all levels of the business to identify the brand basics (the essential things in the CX that any business in your sector has to do, but in a uniquely on-brand way).

Then we gather the innovators in the business, add our specialist innovators and we create brand amplifiers (on-brand new product or service ideas that make your experience compelling and different at precisely the right moments to impress your customers).

We prioritise the ideas with you, evaluate them with consumers and cost them. We also highlight the key metrics, create wire frames and can help rework systems or processes if needed. The new experience is then engagingly visualised on one page.

So, you have the plan. It now needs to be delivered.



Making it all happen

“There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and there are those who say 'what happened?’” Jim Lovell

‘Making it happen’ is the ultimate test.

Lack of resources, immediate commercial imperatives and departmental structures that inevitably breed silos understandably make delivering any changes to the customer experience a challenge for most organisations.

But making CX stuff happen is easier when you are specialist at doing so.

Our CX project managers work with your teams and divide the plan into practical, doable chunks so that everyone knows what they have to do, by when and how it will be measured. To do this we utilise specially adapted change and improvement tools, such as Lean and Six Sigma, to overcome roadblocks, continue the buy in process and minimise executive time.

In short ‘we make it happen’ so you achieve the business ambition you’ve been aiming for.



Monitoring brand strength and guiding improvement action

"80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience but only 8% of their customers agree.” Bain

Existing brand trackers make us angry. Many are full of meaningless calculations and they measure the wrong things. If CX and brand building are so interwoven, then surely it’s time that their measurement is combined. It’s a no-brainer.

So we got together with some clients to invent the Brand Alignment Monitor or BAM. It takes measures from customers, competitor customers and your colleagues. It tells you what progress is being made, what is and isn’t working and what results you can expect. It provides competitive benchmarks and it works in real time and provides strategic guidance.

And it uses one simple metric grounded in NPS methodology.

We don’t understand why no one has invented the BAM before. It busts silos, builds connectivity, helps the prioritisation of activity, catches problems early and builds business.