Uncovering deep insight into the needs and motivations of your customers and your colleagues

Understanding your customer and colleagues experience has never been more important.

Our Exploring stage is designed to dig deep into the perceptions, opinions and behaviours of colleagues, customers and consumers providing a holistic view.

We start by fully immersing ourselves into the business, conducting site visits, shadowing your teams and speaking to key stakeholders to establish the business ambition and challenges you face.

Then we explore the current customer experience. Through a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research, we tackle the emotional and rational perceptions and behaviours - exploring not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’, to provide you with actionable insight that you can turn into practical solutions for your business.

At Brand Vista we like to break from the norm. Embracing our value of vive le difference, we use innovative projective techniques, semiotics and methods from outside the sector from psychologists, teachers, counsellors, and investigators to help us tap into the key insights that really matter to your business.

From our Exploring process you’ll achieve a thorough understanding of where your brand sits in the market and the minds of consumers, an insight into the performance of your customer and colleague journey and any challenges for the brand going forward. This provides you with solid foundations based on core customer and colleague insights to help shape your brand vision.



Craft a compelling Vision that inspires internally and externally.

A strong brand vision has the power to motivate your organisation, break down silos and inspire both existing and new customers. It might take the form of a brand purpose, a brand position, or a VMOST. Whatever form you choose, your Vision should be simple, compelling and directional - the guiding light that sets out what your brand will become famous for, and a starting point for the development of your future customer experience.

We’ll support you in deciding the form that will work best for your organisation, before crafting the Vision that will build your future.

We know it’s important to start with why, so we’ll use the Exploring output in a collaborative and interactive visioning workshop, where we develop the territories that could be right for you. Then we’ll test the options internally and externally, determining the vision that will drive business success.

Finally, we’ll work with you to create a distinct set of brand values and a brand personality to help your teams live and breathe the vision in all that they do.



Designing the customer and colleague experience that will bring your brand to life

When your brand transforms from compelling vision to irresistible reality, it gathers real power. We work with your leaders and teams to bring your brand vision to life - starting with the external, differentiating customer experience, before shaping the internal colleague experience that is critical to making it happen.

We begin by using a range of LEAN and Six Sigma techniques to fix the pain points in your current customer experience but ensuring that the solutions are completely aligned with the new brand vision.

With the pain points fixed, we collaborate with team members to define brand basics (the elements of the experience you have to deliver, done in a uniquely on-brand way).

Next, we gather the innovators in the business and team them up with our innovation experts, using a variety to innovation and design thinking techniques to create brand amplifiers (the memorable moments in the experience where your brand really shines).

Having mapped an irresistible customer journey, we’ll do the same for colleagues – identifying and designing the brand basics and brand amplifiers your employee experience needs to enable teams deliver the vision.

Finally, to close the gap from vision to reality, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your operational and delivery teams to build an implementation plan - setting a clear roadmap for experience delivery.



Upskilling your team to ensure sustainable change, through brand-driven continuous improvement

We appreciate that the delivery of your brand vision is a journey, and things may need to evolve along the way. To ensure your teams have the right tools to adapt to the inevitable challenges along the journey, we offer a series of training progammes aimed to build a culture of sustainable continuous improvement where all your people feel confident and well equipped to question, investigate and improve on everything that the organisation does.

  • BRAND - Enabling your team to live and breathe your brand in their roles – bringing your vision and values to life, day after day
  • INSIGHT - Teaching teams to transform facts into valuable business insights – listening, understanding and responding to customers
  • CHANGE - Equipping your team with new ways of working, rooted in LEAN and Six Sigma tools and methodologies, to drive continuous improvement
  • INNOVATION - Sharing the secrets to creating game-changing ideas – arming your team with proven innovation skills and techniques

A lot of the tools involved in each of the above will have been employed throughout the project journey so far. Now it’s about passing on the learning and upskilling an internal team to become advocates of the new approach – a team who will themselves then be in a position to roll out similar training to their colleagues within the business.

With the training plan in place, it’s essential that we Measure success



Measuring progress towards your vision, and diagnosing areas for improvement

Brand Tracking and Brand Measurement are stuck in the old era of brand development, where the focus was exclusively on advertising. Many are full of meaningless calculations, and measure ethereal elements that leave clients confused about what to do next.

Today, brands are built through the customer experience that your colleagues deliver each and every day. With brand, customer, and colleague experience so interwoven, we thought it made sense to create a brand tracker that measures brand performance in the modern world.

The Brand Alignment Monitor (BAM) measures three samples – your customers, your colleagues and competitors’ customers – and tells you whether people think you’re delivering on you brand promise, where the brand is really coming to life in the customer experience, and which areas need more focus. It also tells you about the likely impacts on key KPIs such as recommendation, satisfaction and likelihood to re-visit.

It uses one simple metric, all based upon the NPS methodology, meaning that everyone across the business understand what’s a good score or a bad score.

It’s a brand tracker, customer experience audit and employee engagement survey all in one, bespoke for the new era of brand development.